Tennessee is home to five Level 1 Trauma Centers, but the need is still great.

While the level of care available in some parts of the state is second to none, some regions lack the resources to properly treat and rehabilitate a survivor of TBI. Brain Injury Association of Tennessee helps survivors and caregivers find available resources, and can connect local care providers with TBI experts, helping facilitate the kind of collaborative practice necessary for recovery.

Brain Injury Association of Tennessee can also help guide professionals on the path to brain injury certification. For more information on applying to the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists, visit Brain Injury Association of America. Certification not only helps improve outcomes for patients in your region, but also connects you with brain injury professionals across the country and provides access to fascinating continuing education resources. If you are interested in participating in a statewide CBIS certification day, contact us at info@braininjurytenn.org.

TBI education opportunities are available for Emergency Medicine and TBI specialists, as well as primary care or other non-specialized providers interested in understanding more about the care of this unique patient population. Learn more at the Vanderbilt Traumatic Brain Injury Center or BIAUSA.

The additional training I received through my ACGME accredited fellowship in Brain Injury medicine has not only helped me to provide the highest level of care for my patients, but also connects me to a network of other brain injury specialists with whom I can collaborate. The more healthcare workers in Tennessee who receive brain injury certification, the better in terms of serving our patients.
Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
ABPMR Board Certified in Brain Injury Medicine