The journey of brain injury is life-altering. The network of Tennessee TBI Service Coordinators can help find resources for support you may need when returning to your community.

The Tennessee Department of Health funds and oversees the TBI Service Coordination Program.

Service Coordinators can help:

Navigate and provide referrals to available resources
Facilitate support groups
Coordination of services
Individual advocacy

A service coordinator cannot

Diagnose or treat brain injury
Prescribe or recommend drugs or therapies
Answer medical questions
Directly provide financial resources

To learn more about Service Coordination and the Tennessee Department of Health TBI Program, visit

Service Coordinators

A lot of times survivors and their caregivers come to me overwhelmed; they have never dealt with this before, and they don’t know what to do. So I help connect the middle pieces to get them from ‘ABC’ to ‘XYZ.”
Angela Pearson
Service Coordinator